Web Marketing For Estate Agents

Too Few Clients? Phone Not Ringing?

How To Thrive Even When The Real Estate Market Sucks

You Might Be Suffering Now. You Can Get Back On Track. Believe Me I Know. Follow The Action Plan In This Stunning eBook and Put Your Business To Work Again

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

“This book deserves to become THE handbook for anyone in real estate who wants to succeed”

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Just $27

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

If your real estate business is stalling due to the property crisis and you are desperate to get more clients in. Even if your business is doing well you could always do with more prospects of course because more prospects means more sales, it’s a simple numbers game.

You Need This Book

This book provides you with the road map for making an awesome online presence if your goal is more listings, more viewings and more sales. Check out the video and make your order below.

No fluff, no filler just full-on hints, tricks and tips to make your real estate business

But first I want to tell you a story:

How I Broke My Collar Bone and Found My Business

Sometimes you need to come back from adversity and life deals you lemons. So I just want to tell you a short story. It may resonate with you if you have been working in real estate for some time As an estate agent in the property boom I was living the life, holidays in the Caribbean, eating out virtually every day and spending money as if there were no tomorrow. Then the property market stopped, not slowed, it just stopped. For years the lunacy of 20% annual rises in prices had been happening, totally unsustainable as you know. By 2006 when clients asked me whether the property “was a good investment” I would be answering “No, it might be a good place to live but don’t expect to make any money on it, prices are only going to go one way, down!” (Too honest at times, obviously it didn’t help sales) Sales dropped from 55 in a year to 9 and then 3 in 2007. Again totally unsustainable with nine employees of course. The credit cards paid the wages and the debts built up. bankruptcy was round the corner and the corner had been met. Then disaster struck in 2008, another really bad year. Playing football (Soccer for all of you Americans out there) I got tackled from behind on a concrete pitch and hit the floor shoulder first. My collarbone was shattered and I had to face three months with my right arm strapped to my body.


Or not ;-)

I spent the next three months (and ever since then to be honest) starting to learn how to market online. Starting with Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge and then moving on I threw myself into learning. I couldn’t even get capital letters on my writing as I didn’t have a hand for pressing the shift key! My business couldn’t continue in the way it was going though, I had to take a new look at it, this had to work.

And The More I Learnt The More It Started To Work.

Suddenly sales were picking up, slowly at first but definitely on the up, rentals were getting easier and I was getting more and more swamped with clients, slap bang in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the 1930′s.

The More I Learnt The Better It Got.

Other agents were asking me constantly how I did it. Why was I always with clients and they were not getting anyone through the door. I started getting consulting jobs and people kept telling me it was time to tell others how to do it.


Well, my agency is a small one in the Valencia region of Spain. I have no desire to make it into a multinational huge behomoth, I have a young family and even in the fiesta years I was working 17-18 hours a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year.

I spent too much time working and not enough enjoying life.

I don’t want to go back to that.

You may feel the same.

It is no problem for me if people start copying the secrets and techniques and methods I use here in their own regions and countries. You should do it really. You owe it to yourself and your agency and most of all to those around you.

You need to do the work though.

This book is your short cut

Everything I have learnt in 3 years that will be useful to you I have laid out in this book.

Among many other things;

  • How a single video can make you 15k and get you three sales if you follow through correctly. (In this part we look at the power of YouTube and using relationship marketing in your business)

  • How you can get more listings of great property. (How you can get all of the listings you want by giving the owner what they want to hear)

  • How you can leverage all of your content on social media sites and more. (A little known method to make sure you seem omnipresent online)

  • How you can become the authority in your market and be the “go to” person in your area. (The use of a little known tool to get free offline publicity worth thousands pointing back to your homepage)

  • How you can be the most advanced agent around, even if you have to compete with the big boys. (Perception is everything)

  • How a small agency can seem like the biggest and best without the huge luxury offices and expensive staff. (The use of online tools to give the impression of a larger size of agency than you really have)

  • How you can make your clients your biggest fans and get loads of referrals from them. (The best ways to get people who have just paid you a lot of money to recommend you over and over again)

  • How you can do the work of three or four in half the time of one. (And not get burned out)

Sounds Awesome Right?

You Too Can Do It

Find out how.

Buy the book

Apply the techniques.

Watch the clients roll in.

PS. By the way, thanks for the tackle Marcus. You changed my life (painful way to do it though)


  • Introduction

  • Changing Paradigms

  • Barriers to Entry

  • How Marketing Has Changed

  • The Customer As King (How To Make Clients Feel That They Are The Centre Of Your Universe)

  • How To Create Content For Your Business (Multimedia Content That People Like and Share)

  • The Platforms (7 Platforms you must be on)

  • The Tools (33 Tools To Create and Leverage Your Content)

  • What This Means For Getting Listings (Get That Listing Every Time)

  • Tools On Your Homepage (The Essentials You Must Have)

  • Making Your Clients Advocates and Your Competition Your Allies (How You Multiply Your Results Easily)

  • Your Clients

  • Your Competition

  • Portals

  • Time Management For Web Marketing

  • The Rule Of Thirds

  • Outsourcing

  • Leverage

  • Conclusion

Remember Just $27 to create a stunning business

Web Marketing For Estate Agents

Web Marketing For Estate Agents